Saturday, April 28, 2007

Welcome to my Bears by jodi Blog !! Enjoy !

Cool Slideshows

Welcome every one to my new blog. This is all new to me so I am trying out new things and I am sure I will find my way. Let me tell you a little about me.
I started my journey as a teddy bear designer artist in 1988.Doing shows ,winning awards,and being show cased in teddy bear magazines and books about teddy bear artists.A few of you may remember me as Jodi Rankin.I took a break from the business in 1996 because of a major life change, a divorce that forced me to look for a job with health benefits.So with the wind out of my sails and a heavy heart I could no longer travel or felt like designing. But in 2005 I felt the call to return and this time try my hand at smaller bears all made by hand with out the use of any machines.Most of my designs are under 10 inches and usually fall at the 5 to 6 inch mark.Things have changed , and few people remember me. I had to start all over again . And this time through the wonders of the computer. Lets just say ... the computer is not my friend but I am slowly learning.I do all my own photo work and I think I enjoy it as much as designing. So with this in mind I pray you are blessed with the wonder of a smile as you take time to search through my blog.

I wish you bear hugs and blessings from above. Bears by Jodi where smiles come to life! GOD bless.

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Shel said...

Jodi, your blog is so wonderful! Those slideshows really highlight your whimsical, colorful style. I especially like the bear with the flowerpot, on the pink background, in the bottom photo array. Have fun blogging! :)